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Penalty Box Radio Live returns to 102.5 The Game Nashville

Penalty Box Radio Live returns to 102.5 The Game Nashville

Penalty Box Radio, which started as a Nashville-based hockey radio show back in 2012, is returning to the airwaves on 102.5 The Game Nashville.

Announcing the news on The Chase McCabe Show earlier today were Alex Daugherty and Shaun Smith, the new hosts of Penalty Box Radio Live and current owners of Penalty Box Radio. The new show will air every Wednesday on 102.5 The Game at 7 pm as part of The Game’s live, local hockey coverage.

“We are thrilled to be continuing on the legacy started by Justin Bradford back in 2012,” Alex Daugherty said of the news. “And to be able to do so on the same radio station that aired his show for so many years, it just brings everything full circle.”

The new show will feature in-depth analysis of the Nashville Predators, the National Hockey League, and anything hockey related during the 2023-24 season. Player and coach interviews, hot button issue discussions, live updates on team news, and personality-driven hockey talk will fill up the 7 o-clock hour every Wednesday night.

“The Nashville market has grown so much when it comes to hockey,” Shaun Smith said. “During the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs, you saw a ton of casual fans come on board. Now with the team in a bit of a transition, we think people want more in-depth conversation and analysis about the team they love.”

In addition to the show airing live on the flagship station of the Nashville Predators every Wednesday evening, episodes will also be uploaded to Penalty Box Radio’s podcast network. Out-of market and on-demand listeners will always have the option of catching the very best local hockey radio coverage by subscribing to our podcast feeds (SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify).

You can listen and watch 102.5 The Game’s weekly sports coverage on YouTube here. Be sure to check our website for up-to-date stories on the Nashville Predators as well!

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