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Penalty Box Radio announces new ownership partners Alex Daugherty & Shaun Smith

Penalty Box Radio announces new ownership partners Alex Daugherty & Shaun Smith

Earlier today, Justin Bradford, the creator and owner of Penalty Box Radio, announced the sale of his website to two local Nashville hockey media members.

Alex Daugherty and Shaun Smith, formerly of A to Z Sports and On The Forecheck, purchased the Penalty Box Radio website and brand from Justin Bradford in a joint venture.

“We are ecstatic to purchase Penalty Box Radio,” Alex Daugherty said today. “Shaun and I want to continue building on the awesome community of hockey fans that Justin started with PBR back in 2012. The PBR community is exactly the kind of place we want to be a part of moving forward. We honestly couldn’t be happier with the move.”

Alex and Shaun say they plan on adding more written content to the website, bringing regular columns and features into the rotation, as well as adding more audio and video content to the brand’s social media channels.

“Justin created such a solid brand, we just want to build on it,” Shaun said. “Add things that people want to see everyday. Player interviews, features and stories you don’t hear from other outlets. Coverage of the team’s prospects and, yes, even the Milwaukee Admirals. We feel like it’s important to cover the whole gamut of the Predators organization.”

The sale will take place immediately, with Alex and Shaun co-owning the brand and operating as co-managing editors of the site.

Alex Daugherty has been covering the Nashville Predators since 2014, when he began writing game recaps for On The Forecheck. He took over as co-managing editor of OTF in 2016, managing the site’s editorial content and covering games at Bridgestone Arena. In 2018, he was named the lead Preds writer for A to Z Sports Nashville, where he led their Preds coverage for five years. He’s also hosted or co-hosted several podcasts, including The Predcast and On The Preds.

Shaun Smith started covering the Predators in 2017 for On the Forecheck. Hired by Alex Daugherty, Shaun began covering the Predators at Bridgestone Arena soon after Alex’s departure. While at OTF, Shaun cohosted the On the Forecheck Podcast with Nick Morgan and also created a self-produced pregame show called “Preds Gameplan”. He’s also been a Predators correspondent for the Renegades of Puck since 2020 and co-hosted the On The Preds podcast since 2021. Shaun has also written about the Preds for A to Z Sports since 2022.

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