Penalty Box Radio is pleased to announce its most recent expansion with the Junior Hockey Expansion Project. The project will focus on two aspects: junior hockey coverage and mentorship. The program aims to benefit those starting off in journalism with opportunities to gain valuable skills within sports media.

The Junior Hockey Expansion Project provides like-minded journalists a safe space to network as well as a place to grow professionally. The goal will be to cover junior hockey and prospects throughout North America while giving those participating proper mentorship and guidance through the different avenues of sports media. The division will not be limited to written work as Penalty Box Radio will work together with journalists to create any kind of content from videos to podcasting.

The expansion will be led by Penalty Box Radio’s Matt Best who has been appointed Chief Communications Officer: Canadian Operations. Matt has been with Penalty Box Radio since 2017 and has served primarily as a producer and host of “Coast to Coast,” Penalty Box Radio’s international podcast.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to get this program going,” said Best. “I wanted to create something that would have been appealing to myself if I was looking for opportunities. I know how hard it can be to find a home in media that values respect as well as hard work. Penalty Box Radio has been a home for me, and I want to share this home with others coming into the industry.” Matt has been working within the media industry for seven years and hopes to bring his expertise as a mentor. “Sports media can be a tricky medium to venture through when you’re new to it. I’m hoping that my experience throughout my career can help guide our talented journalists through whatever it is they decide to pursue.”

“I’m thrilled to bring so many talented people from across North America to our group,” said Penalty Box Radio CEO Justin Bradford. “We’re going to continue developing aspiring journalists while giving them a home to try new things while also telling stories that need to be told from multiple leagues across the continent. With Matt leading the way, I’m confident that we’ll see many of our new additions making professional job announcements in the very near future. Penalty Box Radio continues to grow, and we’re going to continue our growth through mentorship and opportunities.”

The Junior Hockey Expansion Project has launched across Canada and the United States with journalists joining the project from places such as California, Colorado, Indiana, Ottawa and Toronto.

Penalty Box Radio looks forward to providing fans with more content about the stories they care about.

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