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Penalty Box Radio Alumni

We’re thankful for all of the talented people that have called Penalty Box Radio home, and we’re proud that so many have gone on to have excellent careers!

Zachary Bryan

Zach Bryan started out with Penalty Box Radio as the voice of Vanderbilt hockey. He was one of the original voices of college hockey on PBR. He then went on to be the voice of the University of Alabama in Huntsville Chargers, the only NCAA Division I hockey team in the south. Following that, he’s had multiple positions in radio, and is currently an on-air personality for 95.5 The Coyote, KWEY-FM in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Cutler Klein

Cutler Klein joined Penalty Box Radio as a student at Vanderbilt University. He quickly rose up the ranks at PBR where he was the voice of Vanderbilt hockey, a credentialed reporter covering the Nashville Predators, podcast host and co-managing editor. He also interned with, the Vegas Golden Knights and Nashville SC while a part of PBR. Now, he’s a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Nashville SC.

Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher joined Penalty Box Radio and immediately made a tremendous impact by taking on the challenge of covering Nashville Predators prospects. He was PBR’s co-managing editor, host of the Road to Nashville podcast and a credentialed reporter covering the Nashville Predators. He was previously the sports editor of Main Street Preps and is now a sport reporter for the Nashville Post.

Steven Ellis

Steven Ellis joined Penalty Box Radio to cover hockey prospects, and especially those in Ontario, Canada. He wrote a tremendous amount of scouting reports and features on potential NHL draft picks and NHL prospects. His focus on world hockey made him an excellent asset during his time with PBR. Now, Steven is a Digital Content Producer for The Hockey News.