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DSC_2104SmallJustin B. Bradford (Radio host/lead writer) Proud member of #TeamAsian, Justin was born in Michigan, but quickly migrated south, y’all. Hockey is in his blood. After originating in Cell Block 303, Justin recently headed over the press box to cover the Nashville Predators for Penalty Box Radio. He also plays rec-league hockey for the Wampas at A-Game Sportsplex. Currently, Justin is authoring a book on the history of the Nashville Predators and it is due out Fall 2015. Last year, he received the Silver Medal in the Best Sports Reporter Category for The Tennessean‘s Toast of Music City reader’s poll for 2013. This year, Justin was voted as the Best Sports Reporter in Nashville.


Favorite Facts:
Teams: Michigan Wolverines, Tennessee Titans, Vanderbilt Commodores, Detroit Tigers
Sports Movies: Miracle, Slap Shot, Remember the Titans
Other movies: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dark Knight Series, The Avengers, Iron Man, Star Trek, Hunger Games
Favorite TV Shows: 24, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy, CSI, Hawaii Five-0, The Mentalist
Preds Moments: First playoff series win against the Anaheim Ducks & whooping Detroit in 5 games in Round 1 of the 2012 Playoffs

Follow Justin on Twitter: @justinbbradford


*Schenk Photography*

*Schenk Photography*

Big Ben – In 1972 a crack commando unit was sentenced by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.  They promptly escaped to the Los Angeles underground where they survived as soldiers of fortune. Around this time two people met on the top floor of the Empire State Building. It was a night of wild romance. Those people went on to a prosperous and happy life with lots of kids. Meanwhile 12 years later 2 people who had nothing to do with this, came together. And Big Ben was formed…

Today Big Ben is a proud father. A humangously big Predators fan. He is also a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers, The Philadelphia Phillies, Puppies and Hugs. In his free time, Big Ben is a volunteer firefighter and he is the president of the Joe Dubin fan club.  Ladies, Big Ben is single, he is a Leo, enjoys long walks on the beach, The Notebook, and cool Nights by the fire, listening to Lionel Richie.

Favorite Facts:
Favorite Movies: Top Gun , Ladder 49, Slap Shot, Miracle, The Princess Bride , Tombstone
Favorite Music:  Jimmy Buffett, Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, Journey
Favorite Preds Moment:  First Preds game with my Son, and the Detroit Series Clinching game because Little Bear was with me.
Favorite All Time Predators Players: Wade Belak, Radek Bonk, Martin Gelinas, Brian McGrattan
Favorite All time Non Preds player: Eric Lindros

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Glynne Blackwell Penalty Box RadioGlynne was born and raised in a small river town in Mississippi. Contrary to popular belief, she actually wore shoes and enjoyed running water and electricity. She also did not have chickens running aimlessly in her front yard, nor was she raised by a pack of wild cats. Well, some argue that the latter might be true….

She’s a lover of hockey nights at the arena, laughing hysterically, big city skylines, dancing at Tin Roof on any given Saturday night, lattes, making crazy memories, chasing her dreams and hugs. “I’m five foot 2, I wanna dance with you. I’m sophisticated fun. I eat filet mignon and I’m nice and young, best believe I’m number one…”


Favorite Facts:

Favorite Movie of all time: Wizard of Oz

Favorite Music: Ella Fitzgerald, Lana Del Rey, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Hanson, Lil Wayne…

Favorite Preds players: Roman Josi

Favorite Non-Preds players: Teemu Selanne and Bobby Ryan

Favorite Preds moment: My first game in 2011 watching the Preds go to Round 2 for the first time and being at Bridgestone when they clinched Round 1 and sent Detroit home cryinnnnn.

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Michael ReedMichael Reed – Being born and raised in South Georgia the only thing that Michael knew about hockey was that they allowed their players to fight and not get thrown out of the game, oh and that the Glow Puck that Fox did was the beyond stupid. Michael’s first sports passion was football and since he was in Georgia he became a passionate University of Georgia fan, but when it came to playing sports it was basketball and baseball that drew his interest but when he was diagnosed with a form of Rheumatoid arthritis he had to rethink his dreams of making it to the pros. That’s when he gained an interest in stats as he was asked to do them for his college basketball team, and then for softball and baseball. His love for stats carried over into hockey as he started to learn the game.

Before moving to Tennessee the only exposure that Michael had to hockey was one NHL game (Atlanta Thrashers) and one minor league game, but after meeting Justin through a mutual fan they started to make plans to attend a Predators game together. Before he could make it to Nashville for a game though Michael found himself in New York where he was able to catch the Preds take on the Islanders and then Rangers. From there he was hooked and looked forward to attending his first game at Bridgestone Arena, that finally happened in a game against the St. Louis Blues where the Preds lost in shootout. After that first game at the Bridge Michael was determined to become season ticket holder, which he has done so and can be found in the famous Cellblock 303 for at least half of the season.

If Michael is not in Nashville for a game he can be found at a football game or traveling around visiting family or covering poker tournaments. Just some random stats about Michael, he measured in at 5’10″ before his knee replacement surgery but gained two inches due to them straightening his legs so he now comes in at 6′. He has driven cross country twice and has traveled every single mile of Interstate 40 from the east coast to the west coast. Also, even though Big Ben tries to tell everyone, Michael’s stage name is not Mick Breed; as far as Michael is aware his previous shenanigans have not resulted in breeding of any sort.

Be sure to give Michael a follow on twitter @merchdawg to follow all of the fun that he gets into throughout the season. Also be sure to tune in weekly to hear what crazy, off the wall, stats he will come up with for you to use during your daily water cooler talk.


Brittany Wesemann

Brittany was born and raised in the land of the mouse(hey Mickey!), Orlando,FL. Although, she spent a brief hiatus in St. Louis, which is where her love of toasted ravioli and the Arch came from. Brittany wanted to be a prima ballerina before music took over her life.A choir nerd who studied vocal jazz in college. Eventually letting the business side of music take over, she moved to Nashville with aspirations of being a tour manager. When she’s not chasing bands all over the country, she can be found at the Bridgestone, Arena, her home away from home, cheering on her favorite boys in gold. She is still waiting for Hogwarts acceptance letter to be delivered via owl…

Referred to as “BW” by most of her friends, on most nights she can be found in TOMS and a headband singing along to some band you’ve probably never heard of, dancing to Motown music, playing darts in a dive bar, hanging out with friends, and as an avid baseball fan, cheering on the New York Yankees! A proud Southpaw, who is addicted to Cheerwine, Sour Patch Kids, Chicken Pot Pie and all things sparkly.

Favorite Facts:
Teams: Florida Gators, New York Yankees,Tennessee Titans
Sports Movies: Field of Dreams, The Mighty Ducks, Fever Pitch, Miracle, and Remember the Titans
Other Movies: Almost Famous, Center Stage, Garden State, The Goonies, Hocus Pocus, all of the Harry Potter movies
Favorite TV shows: The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Music: Hanson,The Beatles, The Alternate Routes, Ingram Hill, Ed Sheeran, Ray Lamontagne, The Rocket Summer, Etta James, Sam Cooke, Will Hoge.
Favorite Preds players: Matt Halischuk, Shea Weber, Craig Smith, Pekka Rinne
Favorite Preds Moments: Seeing my first ever hat trick, scored bySergei Kostitsyn against The Calgary Flames, and The Preds taking down the Red Wings at our house to go to Round 2!

Follow Brittany on Twitter: @SouthPawSinger Caution there are soapbox ramblings, music recommendations, and uber girly tweets in regard to fashion and beauty.


Zachary BryanZachary Bryan (Vanderbilt Hockey Play-By-Play) has spent the majority of his life in the Nashville area after attending the University of Mississippi. He is a lifelong Vanderbilt fan and often had to be told by his Rebel band instructors, “I don’t want to see you cheering for Vandy.” Zachary is a member of the NSSA (National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association) and fluent in the languages of hockey, football, baseball, and surprisingly cricket. Over his career in broadcasting he has announced football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and guest hosted various radio programs. Working with WAKM and Rural Radio on Sirius XM is where you will usually find him.


Favorite Facts:

Teams: Vanderbilt Commodores, Nashville Predators, Boston Red Sox, Denver Broncos

Sports Movies: Rudy, Miracle, The Sandlot

Other Movies: The Dark Knight, Fight Club, Edward Scissorhands

TV Shows: Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report

Music: Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, Altar Bridge, James Taylor, Peter Frampton

NHL Players: Gabriel Bourque, Joe Sakic

Memorable Preds Moment: The moment Steve Sullivan skated out on the ice after years of absence from his back injury.


imagePatten Fuqua (Jr. Preds Play-By-Play, Live Hockey Producer) - In 2010, Nashville Scene named Patten one of the Best Community Role Models for the City of Nashville…for some reason. A graduate of Belmont with a double major in journalism and broadcasting, Patten utilizes neither of those skills as he tries to put Penalty Box Radio on the map as a destination for live hockey broadcasting. In former lives, Patten has covered the the NHL Draft, the AHL All Star Classic and over 100 Predators games. A former season ticket holder in the Cellblock, Patten now spends whatever spare time he as working as a Scout Intern with the International Scouting Service while trying very hard to remember not to heckle the children. Patten enjoys bicycling, cooking, gingers and his cat, Lexie.

Favorite Facts:

Teams: Vanderbilt Commodores, Nashville Predators, Atlanta Braves, Tennessee Titans, Belmont Bruins

Sports Movies: Rudy, Miracle, Field of Dreams

Other Movies: Big Lebowski, The Dark Knight…basically the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe

TV Shows: The Simpsons, Doctor Who, @midnight

Music: Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Taylor Swift because shut up, that’s why.

NHL Player: Tomas Vokoun, Teemu Selanne

Memorable Preds Moment: Eric Nystrom Hat Trick

Follow Patten on Twitter: @auquf

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