If you’re a bettor, you have probably thought about betting on someone to win the Stanley Cup.

So far, things have perhaps gone according to plan (at least somewhat).

Pending the result of the Maple Leafs-Bruins Game 7, all but one of the higher seeds in each first-round matchup advanced. The exception is the San Jose Sharks, who swept the higher-seeded Anaheim Ducks.

As the second round is set to get underway, some of the most decisive winners of the first round are the odds-on favorites to win the Stanley Cup. The Presidents Trophy-winning Predators are at the top of the list, so if you’re interested in pressing your luck with a bet on the boys in Gold, check out the different sports books at mytopsportsbooks.com. While other sites might give you just one set of odds, MyTopSportsBooks gives you options and reviews by actual users on all the best books so you can find the one that suits you.

According to the early odds, Nashville is tied with the Tampa Bay Lightning for first place. Here’s how the pre-first round odds shaped out:

Nashville Predators +475 =17.4%

Tampa Bay Lightning +475 = 17.4%

Pittsburgh Penguins +800 = 11.1%

Winnipeg Jets +800 = 11.1%

Boston Bruins +900 = 10%

Vegas Golden Knights +900 = 10%

Washington Capitals +1200 = 7.7%

Toronto Maple Leafs +1400 = 6.7%

Anaheim Ducks +1600 = 5.9%

Los Angeles Kings +2200 = 4.3%

Minnesota Wild +2500 = 3.8%

Columbus Blue Jackets +2800 = 3.4%

San Jose Sharks +2800 = 3.4%

Philadelphia Flyers +3300 = 2.9%

New Jersey Devils +4000 = 2.4%

Colorado Avalanche +5000 = 2%

However, when the experts at MyTopSportsBook took on the projections, they changed just a little bit.

Nashville Predators: 13.3% (+650)

Pittsburgh Penguins: 12.5% (+700)

Tampa Bay Lightning: 11.1% (+800)

Boston Bruins: 9.1% (+1000)

Winnipeg Jets: 8.3% (+1100)

Washington Capitals: 7.7% (+1200)

Vegas Golden Knights: 7.1% (+1300)

Anaheim Ducks: 5.3% (+1800)

Toronto Maple Leafs: 5.0% (+1900)

Los Angeles Kings: 4.8% (+2200)

Columbus Blue Jackets: 3.4% (+2800)

New Jersey Devils: 3.2% (+3000)

Minnesota Wild: 2.7% (+3600)

Philadelphia Flyers:  2.6% (+3800)

San Jose Sharks: 2.6% (+3800)

Colorado Avalanche: 1.4% (+7000)

If you took the Sharks, you might be looking like a genius. The odds for the Vegas Golden Knights have most likely risen after their dominant sweep of the Los Angeles Kings.

All in all, if you want to make a bet, the Predators are certainly a safe one to go all the way in June.