On the inaugural episode of the GMDP (Good Men Doing Podcasts), Chase Stejskal, Hunter Patterson, and Patten Fuqua answer all of the pressing questions of the day such as “Does Auston Matthews know how to wear a stocking cap?” and “Will tickets at Little Caesars Arena be $5?” and “Which end of the microphone are we actually supposed to speak into?”

Notes from the show:

  • Correction: The Rangers were without a captain before Jagr’s tenure, not after.
  • Clarification: The Tennessee Valley/Alabama Vipers played at the Von Braun Center in different iterations from 2000-2010. The Alabama Hammers were Huntsville’s most recent indoor football team, but folded with their league in 2015.
  • Matt Schmalz was the prospect in question.
  • We did go to Chili’s afterwards.
  • Chase’s game is at 6:45pm on September 10 at Ford Ice Center.
  • Lance’s Pizza is area code 931.

Rated PG-13 for brief nudity.

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