ashton-remax_NEWThere is so much talk in the media about the experience at Bridgestone Arena for Nashville Predators games. The talk, specifically has surrounded the noise level the fans have been able to produce throughout the Preds current playoff run. The team has actually resorted to handing out earplugs to media members who are covering the Western Conference Final against the Anaheim Ducks.

But just how loud is the 7th man? Reports are the noise level peaked at 126.4 dB when defenseman Roman Josi scored the game winner on the power play late in the third period. Earlier in the period, two goals were waived off as the officials deemed goaltender interference took place. Each instance seemed to increase the intensity level. In fact, our very own Justin Bradford tweeted that the “fans were willing the team to score.”

ships n tripsSo, just what does 126 dB sound like in layman’s terms? At 125 decibels, you have the equivalent to a diesel engine room. 120 decibels is equivalent to an amplified rock concert in front of speakers, sand-blasting, thunderclap [immediate danger], a nearby airplane engine, some rock or hard-metal cacophony groups, pneumatic hammer at one meter, thunderclap over head [at around 120 dB, the sensation of hearing is replaced by that of pain]. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (a U.S. government agency), has limited workers’ exposures to eight hours per day at sound levels of 90 decibels, four hours at 95 decibels and two hours at 100 decibels, with special limits for quick, sharp sounds, such as explosions.


The record for an indoor sporting event is 130.4 set this past February by the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team in a game against West Virginia. The Kansas City Chiefs (yeah…I know…I’m just as shocked as anyone) holds the record for the loudest sporting event noise level, achieving 142.2 in September 2014.  I’ve been to Kansas on manyoccasions.  I’ve never had them pegged as loudmouths.

So, Smashville…you’re not gonna let Kansas beat you, are you?  It’s a perfect time to break some records.  It’s a great time to make some history.

UPDATE (May 22, 2017): It is reported that an official from Guinness World Records will be in attendance for Game Six in Nashville.