ashton-remaxSo, in an effort to maintain full disclosure, please note that I am new to the Nashville area and last night’s game against the Dallas Stars was the first in which my new and former hometown teams clashed.  I was torn.  I found myself watching a game in which I had so much emotionally invested, that I ended the night feeling emotionally empty.  I only have to feel this four more times, barring a meeting in the playoffs, in which I’ll have to have 24 hour medical care.

With that being said, how did the rest of the world view last night’s 2-1 loss to the Stars?

Stars Smother Preds in First Period

I’m guessing all you still wanna get rid of Peks right now with all these amazing saves oh wait one hasn’t got by him yet tonight, I’ll wait they score one goal and it’ll be get rid of him he’s gotta go smh

Posted by Michael Morefield on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teams Trade Goals in 2nd; Head to Third Tied

Postgame Comments Following Loss

Josi 10-18-16

There are just some games that no matter how well a team plays, the other team finds a way to dig out a victory.  Much of what I saw posted was how the Preds were standing around, but based on being surrounded by the Stars this past summer, Dallas has put a huge emphasis on getting everyone back behind the blue line to help defend.  I don’t think last night’s game was a case where the Preds were “standing around.”  I think last night, Dallas forced their style of play on Nashville and forced the Preds to hammer pucks in deep from center ice and simply got banged around in the corners.  It also didn’t help that Kari Lehtonen wasn’t his normal leaky self where a fluky goal is typically enough to unravel his nerves.