1538752_767108716667595_2717130808414396949_nPrior to the start of the 2013-2014 NHL season I made a wager with Glynne on which team would have the player with the highest point total by seasons end from either the Nashville Predators or Florida Panthers. Since historically Nashville has almost always been better than Florida in the league standings it wouldn’t have been fair to go that route for a wager. The two of us decided that the team that had the player with the highest point total at seasons end would be the winner, Glynne obviously choosing Nashville and myself taking Florida.

Glynne’s prediction was that Colin Wilson would be the Predator’s offensive leader with 69 points, while I chose Jonathan Huberdeau with 75 points. Of course both of us were way off in our predictions, Wilson struggled offensively this season while managing to play in 81 total games (11 goals, 22 assists, 33 points). Huberdeau couldn’t find his offensive stride in his second season and some say his off-season surgery could have played a role in that early in the season. The second year pro managed just 9 goals, 19 assists for 28 points while only playing in 69 games facing injuries throughout the season.

Florida’s point leader was Nick Bjugstad (16g 22a 38p), a rookie center who had seen ice time in 11 games during the 2012-2013 NHL season. While Nashville’s leader was of course, none other than it’s captain Shea Weber (23g 33a 56p). Obviously we both had much higher expectations for our respective teams and both fell far short of those. With Florida holding the first overall selection in the 2014 NHL draft and Nashville sitting at 11th the two teams hope to find a player that can help their offensive game, or trade their pick for talent that could help the club sooner rather than later (as Florida is rumored to be exploring).

So what did the “loser” of the bet have to do? Simply purchase a t-shirt of the opposing team to show support. Since I’ve always been a fan of Eric Nystrom of the Predator’s this was a simple choice for me and chose a great shirt from Riverfront Station. I still believe Glynne would have looked better in Florida red personally though. I guess in closing the only thing I have left to say would be GO PERDS!