Recently I had been looking at the Florida Panthers stats and wondered just how they would look over the course of a full 82-game season. While doing some simple math and getting the answers I decided to take it a step further and see exactly how they match up with teams from last season. Of course my thought’s turned out to be correct, as I found the numbers either dead last behind last season’s league worst, or very close to the bottom if not last.

The Panthers, despite being shutout four times this season, actually would not figure in to be last in goals scored, which would go to the Minnesota Wild (again, based off of last seasons standings.) Here’s a look at the numbers, along with last seasons worst, for comparison. I also ran the numbers on the Nashville Predators to see where they rank, included after the Panthers list.

Florida Panthers:
(All numbers based on an 82 game season using this years current pace)

Points: 58, 2011-2012 low: 65 (CBJ)
Goals: 196, 2011-2012 low: 177 (Minn), 194 (LA)
Goals Against: 308, 2011-2012 low: 281 (TB)
Goal Differential: -111, 2011-2012 low: -60 (CBJ)
Losses: 44, 2011-2012 leader: 46 (CBJ)
Wins: 21, 2011-2012 low: 29 (CBJ)
OTL: 17, 2011-2012 leader: 18 (FL)

Based off the numbers, you can determine that unless a miracle occurs for the Florida Panthers, they would be on pace for one of the worst records in the league in recent memory. The first overall selection in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft is looking more promising by the day for Florida, hopefully there isn’t a repeat of last season’s draft lotto where the most deserving team missed out on the top pick.

For Funsies, here’s the Predators numbers:

Points: 82, 2011-2012 low: 65 (CBJ)
Goals: 190, 2011-2012 low: 177 (Minn), 194 (LA)
Goals Against: 216, 2011-2012 low: 281 (TB)
Goal Differential: -26, 2011-2012 low: -60 (CBJ)
Losses: 32, 2011-2012 leader: 46 (CBJ)
Wins: 32, 2011-2012 low: 29 (CBJ)
OTL: 18, 2011-2012 leader: 18 (FL)

Clearly the Predators aren’t living up to expectations of the past, having a down season. It’s looking more and more likely for the Predators that they’ll be joining 14 other teams in the early off-season tradition of the NHL Draft Lotto. With it expected to be a deep and talented draft, maybe it’s not such a bad thing in a shortened season after all.