Hey hockey fans! Have you ever been impressed, disappointed or just plain dumbfounded by players, coaches, refs, owners, or even the league?  Check out the new series: “Stan’s Stars, Slackers, and Suckers” to see what’s caught my attention!

Star: Shane Doan

According to Shane Doan himself, his agent and the Phoenix Coyotes have put
together a deal that will be signed by September 15th, for the 35 year old
captain to stay in Phoenix. Although I would have loved to see #19 in Preds’
Gold, I am impressed with his loyalty to the Coyotes.

Loyalty is a value that has been placed on the back burner to high dollar
contracts. While I understand that superstar athletes want and desire those
outrageous contracts, I would hope that they look past the money and reflect
on the opportunities that they’ve been given and by whom it was given.

Kudos to the Coyotes’ Captain and I wish him continued success, except
against the Preds!

Slackers: NHL Owners and NHLPA

With a lockout inevitable, both sides have been slacking!  I’m not going to
take sides, because that would be a several thousand word blog for another
day. Everyone knew that September 15th would come, but for whatever reason,
no one knew how quick it would arrive. The best way I can put this to both
sides is quit being selfish!

Here’s the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), both sides want what they consider
fair, but neither side has considered one perspective here. The fan’s. No
one considers the fan that works his/her ass off 50-60 hours a week to make
that extra money to buy tickets. No one considers that parent that gives up
a meal or two a week just to show their child a good time at the game. No
one considers that kid who gets so excited to spend some quality time with
their family enjoying the game.

C’mon NHL Owners and NHLPA, you’ve slacked long enough. Time to step up your
game and come to an agreement! We, the fans, want hockey and we want it ON

Sucker: Dillon Donnelly

Colorado Avalanche defenseman prospect and reigning
member of the Shawinigan Cataractes.

One thing I found spectacular when I started watching hockey was what happens
when a team wins a championship. When a hockey team wins a championship, the
members of the team get a day with the trophy that they’ve helped win.
During that day, they can do whatever they would like with the trophy. Some
people take that day for granted and ruin it for others.  Allow me to
introduce you to Shawinigan Cataractes defenseman, Dillon Donnelly.

Dillon Donnelly damaged the Memorial Cup during his day with the trophy.
Even though Donnelly states, “Breaking the Memorial Cup was an accident.  I
picked it up, lost my balance and dropped it. There was no intention to
break. I’m sorry.”,  I feel that I must call him out for his total disregard
to this trophy and his teammates.

Your bonehead move, whether intentional or not, affected your teammates.
Those guys who worked just as hard as you did to win that championship,
didn’t get their day with the trophy. This was not a participation trophy
that every player received. This trophy was special and now they don’t have
that memory.

– Stan Laws – Learn More About Stan