It’s pretty rare to find a person that understands a plethora of sports. It’s even more rare to find a person that can do that while also understanding the complete esports and gaming scene.

The crew at Coast to Coast were fortunate enough to have someone on the podcast that can live up to that as Marissa Roberto of TSN joined Matt, Nick and Christian.A pioneer in Canadian esports and gaming, you’ve probably seen a video (or 30) from Marissa if you’ve ever been on the internet. Currently the host of Digital Sportscentre, Marissa has a wealth of stories to share with you from all parts of the media world. Click on, to know more information regarding slots and other online casino games.

00 – 6:20 – Esports to sports and hosting Digital Sportscentre
6:21 – 11:30 – Getting into esports
11:31 – 12:55 – Matt’s a foodie
12:56 – 23:20 – Comment section, Esports live events, Twitch chat, Reddit
23:21 – 25:35 – Bizarre job offers
25:36 – END – Rapid fire questions

Hosted by: Matt Best, Nick Andrade, Christian Marin