Our next watch party will be a screening of the 11-seeded The Russian Five on Friday at 7pm Central. This is a fantastic documentary by director Joshua Riehl, who will be joining us in the discussion. Once we screen this film, we’ll then open the voting for this round as it takes on the 6-seeded Goon.

How it works:

Have the movie ready to play, and at 7pm Central, we all press play. Join the discussion on Twitter with #PBRMovieClub or join the Discord right here. Streaming options below. And remember, director Joshua Riehl will join the discussion on Twitter and Discord, so get those questions ready!

Premise: In the late 1980s, the Detroit Red Wings hockey team was a laughing stock, often called the “Dead Wings.” After a wealthy pizza magnate bought the failing franchise, he appointed an unorthodox General Manager to build a championship team. Throwing off conventional wisdom, the new GM looked to America’s mortal enemy in the Cold War, the Soviet Union itself. Through a plot that sounds like a spy novel, the Red Wings organization brought on one Russian after another, sneaking them out under cover of night and whisking them to the Motor City, only to find that the new players faced another problem: Integration.


Listen to our interview with director Joshua Riehl.


How to stream:

Available for rent
Amazon – $2.99
iTunes – $4.99
Google Play – $1.99
Vudu – $3.99
Microsoft – $3.99

Available for purchase
Amazon – $7.99
iTunes – $14.99
Google Play – $6.99
Vudu – $9.99
Microsoft – $8.99


Be on the lookout for polls on Twitter and Facebook following the end of the film!