Introducing the Penalty Box Radio Movie Club and Tournament! With pretty much all of the hockey world coming to a halt, we wanted to come up with a way to scratch the hockey itch while also invigorating a little bit of the competitive spirit. There are even more hockey movies out there than just these 12, but we’re starting here to help grow your hockey fandom. Once we finish with this bracket we’ll explore the movies that aren’t as well known by the general public. If anything, this is meant to help you pass by some time at home, watch hockey movies and maybe even discover new hockey movies that you haven’t seen before.

We have included nostalgic films, newer movies and even documentaries to hopefully give this a broad scope of what’s out there for you to enjoy. For discussions on Twitter, use #PBRMovieClub.

Here’s the bracket:

How it will work

Every other night, we’ll have an assigned movie to watch. Our plan is to watch it together at an assigned time so we can discuss in threads on Twitter and Facebook while we’re watching it. We’ll then discuss on various podcasts, radio shows, social media, etc.

Based on feedback from Twitter and Facebook, the top 4 seeds have a bye in the first round. Once we watch two movies that are facing each other in the first round, we’ll run a poll to vote on which movie you prefer to move on to the next round.

Once we pass the first round, we will watch the remaining “bye” films and then discuss and vote on the next round.

Reminder: Seeding is based on feedback we received on social media, so if you think your favorite movie should be seeded higher, tough noogies.

How voting will work

We will post polls on Penalty Box Radio Twitter and my personal Twitter along with Penalty Box Radio Facebook. We’ll combine the results of all three polls. Yes, it would be easier to have polls on one landing page, but you all know as much as I do, making people go through one extra click is asking for a lot.

First assignment

It’s St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, and if you’re following social distancing protocols, you should be at home and hopefully ready to watch a film. We’re going to start off with the 6-seeded Goon. We’ll watch it together starting tomorrow, March 17 at 7pm Central Time. This is an R-rated film for strong language, so please take that into account if you plan to participate with your family. Grab a pint or a few shots and let’s watch it together…online. Remember to use #PBRMovieClub on Twitter.

Movie description: Labeled an outcast by his brainy family, a bouncer overcomes long odds to lead a team of under performing misfits to semi-pro hockey glory, beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way.

How to stream:

Netflix: Included
Rentals (starting at price for SD):
redbox: $2.99 rental
Prime Video: $2.99 rental
Google Play: $2.99 rental
Fandango Now: $2.99 rental
Vudu: $2.99 rental
AppleTV: $3.99 rental
Buy on Amazon Prime: $12.99