They’re back with their second show, and Ben now has a nickname (Hatchett =hatchet = axe; get it?)

Considering DePauw is an hour away from Indianapolis, they wanted to pay tribute to Andrew Luck’s retirement news. In this show, they talk about the 2019 retirees such as Cam Ward, Chris Kunitz, Matt Hendricks, Matt Cullen, and Ben Lovejoy.

Additionally, they run through the typical free agency watch, the recurring segment Central Division Spotlight (zeroing in on the Chicago Blackhawks), and highlight which team won the Stanley Cup during the year they were born. To conclude, they discuss P.K. Subban, and the best beer league retirement story. Listen in next week at Friday at 11am on 91.5 FM in Greencastle, Indiana, or tune in to WGRE online!