The promposal has become a big deal for high schoolers looking to secure a date to the annual event. Even when currently with their significant other, securing the date is still important. Stewarts Creek High School senior Jackson Taylor went above and beyond to put together his promposal for his girlfriend Caitlin. He enlisted the help of the Nashville Predators and Preds personalities to assist him with the ask. From Terry Crisp to Filip Forsberg, Ryan Johansen, PK Subban, Peter Weber and Hal Gill, they all helped Jackson ask Caitlin to the prom.

Here’s the video:

We caught up with Jackson to ask him about putting together video.

PBR: What inspired you to create such an awesome, elaborate video to ask Caitlin to prom?

Jackson Taylor: To be honest, at first I had no idea what to do. I had to ask my mom what I should do and how I should ask her. She told me to just look up ideas. For a while, all I could see were simple crafts, like posters, etc. Then I came across a prom video of someone asking their date to prom themselves on video. From that idea, I started thinking about why not having someone else ask for me, like big name people, like my boys… THE PREDS!

How did you go about collecting all of these videos?

Well the players and how I got video of them saying “Caitlin will you go to prom with Jackson,” those came from friends and my mom and sister. But some others came from Predators watch parties.

How long did it take to record all of these videos and edit them together?

It took me about three months to gather all the videos up and to edit them all into one. I had lots of fun making this!

What was the reaction like from the players when you asked them to record this for you?

I didn’t get a chance to film any of the players as I said previously, but I have some funny bloopers from some of the guys: For example, Turris got squirted with water in the middle of saying it by Roman Josi. Anthony Bitetto said “will you go to prom with Jordan,” instead of Jackson. Some pretty funny stuff.

How long have you been playing hockey and what does the sport mean to you?

I’ve been playing hockey since I was 3-4 years old, and I haven’t stopped playing since. The sport of hockey, to me, and many others I’m sure, it just doesn’t compare or add up to any other sport on this earth. It’s just beyond the other sports. I love it so much. The amazing atmosphere, just the feeling and chills you get while playing the game, is just amazing.

Big congratulations to Jackson and Caitlin! Have a blast at prom!