The Tennessee Ice Vols started out their 2018-2019 season against the Kentucky Wildcats in the Icearium in the middle of September. This game began a two-game series between these two teams. Even though the Ice Vols were unsuccessful in winning, there was one player who stood out from the rest. #30, Mia Becker. Becker was the starting goaltender for the Ice Vols who faced 70 shots and only allowed 6 goals.


In 2015, Becker headed to Knoxville to play for the Ice Vols and to focus on her studies in Mechanical Engineering. Before heading South, she attended Boston University and played for the BU Terriers. Becker played on the NCAA division one women’s ice hockey team for BU and was a force to be reckoned with. She said in an interview with the Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering news team at the University of Tennessee that she is “just a hockey player who happens to be a female and that dresses in a different locker room”. I had the opportunity to speak to her and ask her a few questions about her journey in the hockey world.

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How did you get interested in hockey and why did you want to start playing?

I first got interested in hockey when I was 5 years old. My older brother was playing roller hockey so I was always watching him. I wanted to be just like him, so I started playing when I was 6.

So before you came to UT you went to Boston University. What made you change schools?

I was studying mechanical engineering and had a difficult time balancing school, hockey, workouts and everything. I know that I wanted to take a step back from hockey to really focus on school. I also wanted a fresh start because I think it would have been really hard to stay at BU with such a big change in my life. I’ve always loved Tennessee and UT has a great Engineering Program so I decided to transfer here.


What are your future plans once you graduate? Will you continue to play hockey?

I will definitely continue to play hockey! I’ve played summer adult league for the past couple summers and really enjoyed it. I’m not sure geographically where I will end up, but I plan to find a rink to play adult league at. I also have some friends from youth hockey that play in adult women’s tournament and I would love to do that too.

Do you have any fun moments from either Boston University or UT that you will never forget?

So many incredible memories! I’d say my favorite from BU was when I played a period against Vermont in the strides against breast cancer game my sophomore year. I saved a penalty shot from one of Vermont’s best players. And my parents were there watching. That was extra special because my mom is a breast cancer survivor. I’d say my favorite memory from the Ice Vols was when I went to the first team work out and one of the guys told me that the girls lacrosse was on the next field. And I was like “no I’m here for the Ice Vols and he was like ‘Oh s***’ (I’m probably not allowed to swear so change that if you have to). Now we’re great friends! It’s really fun to prove people wrong because most people wouldn’t expect me to play hockey or be on a men’s team. Another favorite from the Ice Vols was the game against Kentucky last week. It was honestly one of the best games of my life. The boys were all so happy for me and proud of me. I even had Kentucky fans shake my hand and congratulate me.