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Stop Pressing

The Nashville Predators went through the regular season with a slow, steady pace of timely scoring, outstanding goaltending, and strong defensive play. During this series, the Predators have inconsistent scoring, lackluster goaltending, and poor defensive play in front of Pekka Rinne. At times, it seems as though the defense is trying too hard to press up ice and are leaving their defensive posts too soon. Rinne has become overzealous and trying to do too much. Rinne is at his best when he can see the puck, relax, and be consistent. Nashville is pressing too much, causing themselves to be vulnerable and open for offensive scoring from Winnipeg.


Too Emotional

The Predators have reverted back to the emotional, nearly immature version of their previous selves. Rinne has gotten away from the steady, even tempered and received a penalty for hitting a player with his stick as he passed in front of the net. The defense is committing too many costly errors, especially in Game Three’s third period. Nashville needs to calm down and be the driving force of the game. Make Winnipeg play the Nashville style of play, not vice-versa.

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Get the Crowd Out

Trends happen in hockey as they do in any other organized sporting event. When it comes to the crowd, if the home team is doing well, the crowd hypes them up. We have seen this countless times at Bridgestone Arena. When the team scores a timely goal, the roof nearly comes off in downtown Nashville. The same goes true for Winnipeg. The Jets thrive on their crowd, which rivals the volume of Bridgestone Arena. The Nashville Predators have to keep the Winnipeg crowd out of tonight’s game. If the crowd is down and out, it could help Nashville will come away with a victory.

Tonight is another key contest in the series. The Predators can steal back home ice advantage and even the series at 2-2 with a win. A loss could be disastrous. Be sure to catch all of the action on NBCSN or you can listen live on 102.5 The Game. Puck drops at 8:30 pm!