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The Nashville Predators had a 1-0 lead late in Game 5 in front of a sold out Bridgestone Arena on Friday night. The Predators allowed two goals, Landeskog (15:49) and Andrighetto (18:32), to give up the game and push the series back to Colorado. Nashville has yet to play a full 60 minutes this entire series. The speed of the Avs is causing havoc on the Preds defense. The defense had their best game of the series, but the offense did not step up causing tonight’s contest.


The Predators need to play with some desperation to end this series. If you allow this team to hang around, you give this young team the opportunity to win. It is imperative to win tonight. If the series comes back to Nashville, all bets are off. You are in the playoffs. Every team is capable of winning on any given night.

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Figuring out Hammond

Since the exit of Johnathan Bernier from Game 4, Andrew Hammond has been the best player on the ice. In Game 5, Hammond stopped 44 of 45 shots. On the penalty kill, Hammond stopped every chance and is playing like an All-World caliber player as the Colorado third-string goaltender. After re-watching his play, the Nashville Predators must get Hammond moving from side-to-side to imbalance his action in the crease. Hammond has been able to get set in goal and is not moving, creating a solid base. Nashville has been peppering him with shots, but many of the shots are not of the highest quality. Get Hammond moving and more success will come.


Stepping Up

It is time for the offense of the Nashville Predators to step up. Pekka Rinne was absolutely amazing in Game 5. The loss of the previous game was in no way the responsibility of Rinne. We have heard all year, and in last year’s playoff run, the significance of the defense from an offensive perspective. The defensive corps has yet to score a goal in this series. We have seen more emotion from the defense, which is great, but we would much rather see goals scored.


The JOFA line is getting plenty of shots, but isn’t finishing. There is no secondary scoring from the bottom lines. Everyone is culpable in not scoring. There are no excuses and it is time to step up and finish this series.


The Nashville Predators will go into Game 6 with one mission. Win. Being in front of a very loud Pepsi Center will be a difficult task to come out with a victory, but they must overcome the adversity. Be sure to catch all of the action on Fox Sports-Tennessee, NBCSN, or you can listen live on 102.5 The Game. Puck drops at 6:00 pm!