Happy New Year from the Coast to Coast podcast!

Matt Best and Nick Andrade kick off the New Year as Christian Marin is out in Buffalo for the World Juniors.

This week on the podcast, Matt and Nick talk about the Winter Classic and try and see if it’s too overdone and what they league should do with it. Is it time to move on or time to tweak?

The duo also chat about the Montreal Canadiens. Do you try and pull off a Carey Price or a Max Pacioretty trade?

Finally, Matt and Nick also figure out who’s on the hot seat. Who should be fired and who should keep their job?

Other topics:

  • Are the Maple Leafs elite?
  • Should the Golden Knights consider trading some players even though they’re contenders?
  • Is it New Year or New Years?
  • Are the Ottawa Senators doomed?

Recorded: January 3rd, 2018