Twas the night before Hockey, when all through the city
Everyone was stirring, everyone was giddy
The jerseys hung by the door with care
knowing opening night soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of tossed catfish dance in their heads.
Gnash in his jersey, I in my cap
prepping our shenanigans from a long lockout nap.

When out from the Arena there arose such a clatter,
as 17,113 fans began to chatter
Away to the Bridgestone I flew like a flash,
It must be time, to return to the Ville of Smash.

With a giant goaltender, so agile and fast
I knew in a moment Pekka must be back.
Faster than superman, flashing the leather
The fans yelled and cheered, they knew there was none better!

“Now Shea! now, Roman! now, Mike and Brian!
On,Nick ! On, Matt! on Hal, on David and Ryan!
To the top shelf on goal! to the back of the net
Heads on a swivel, the defense won’t fret

As Blue Jackets are smashed,  and the Blues just cry,
From up in 303 the chants will fly.
The traitor who left for the Wild will fry.

Free from the sounds of that annoying whistle,
The pucks began flying, fast as a missile
From all of the Penalty Boxers. Oh what a sight
as we exclaim Happy Hockey to all, and to all a good-night!