Star: UAH Chargers Hockey

If you know me, then you know that I’m a fairly new fan to this sport.  My only experience of live hockey was 10-15 games last season at Bridgestone Arena.  That was until this past weekend.  I had an opportunity to take a little road trip south with Penalty Box Radio to Huntsville, Alabama and watch the UAH Chargers take on the UA Frozen Tide for my first ever collegiate hockey match up.

The UA Frozen Tide are a ACHA DIII team (non-varsity and offer no scholarships), while the Chargers are a Division I team.  The Frozen Tide were out matched from the beginning and it was a total massacre as I had expected it would be.  The score of the game could have been much worse than what it was, but the Chargers were all class!

The Chargers had their own pre-game rituals on the ice, but the post game, center ice stick tap and raise was what made a lasting impression on me.  Just that small gesture made it known to the crowd that the team appreciated them being there! Even after the game, Sebastian Geoffrion, younger brother of former Nashville Predator Blake Geoffrion, came out to the lobby of the Von Braun Center and took a few minutes to chat it up with the Penalty Box Radio caravan members.

These kids have shown some die hard dedication to the sport they love.  A year removed from believing there would be no more Division 1 hockey at UAH, these young men are excited to be playing in front of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association board this weekend at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville.  The board members are reviewing schools to join their conference.  This would be a huge step in continuing the tradition of the UAH Charger Hockey!   If you don’t have anything going on Friday evening, take a chance and travel down to watch them play!  It’s a quick trip and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!  If you would like to go with the PBR crew, click here for details!


Slacker: NHL and NHLPA

After much deliberation , I have decided to give the NHL and the NHLPA the award again!  I’ve given much thought to this, especially since a few weeks ago, I used the same two groups.  I had even considered nominating myself as the slacker, since it has been a month since the last Stars, Slackers, and Suckers post.  But I would always come back to these two groups.  They are the most deserving for this title and therefore they are this week’s recipients! I don’t think I have to go into detail again why they are so deserving, so I’ll give you what I’m missing because of them.

These groups are the reason why I’ll be missing at a minimum of four home games, at least seven Preds games, not to mention all the other games I would be watching on TV.  Not only am I missing watching all the games, I’m missing the opportunity to hang out with other Preds fans before and after home games, at watch parties, and even my first fantasy hockey league has been postponed.

Am I whining? Yeah!  Will it work?  No!  Does it make me feel better?  Not really! Will I continue to do so until the lockout is over?  You better believe it!


Sucker:  Alexander Radulov

Alexander Radulov, former Nashville Predator and now Captain of the CSKA Moscow, was ejected from a September 27th game against Traktor Chelyabinsk for pushing an official.  At 58:54 Radulov received a two minute slashing penalty.  While trying to get to the referee, he pushed a linesman.  As you can tell in the highlight video, it wasn’t much of a push, but it was still unprovoked and unjustified.  This got him a ten minute misconduct and a twenty minute game misconduct.

Seeing Radulov with a “C” on his uniform really cracks me up!  When I think of a team captain, I think of a team leader.  One that has the authority to speak to the officials concerning rule interpretations.  One that is there to motivate the team.  None of these come to mind when I think Alexander Radulov.  I’m sure this isn’t the first time a captain has been given a game misconduct, but as we all know, this type of behavior is par for the course for Rads!  What a knucklehead!