Wade Belak

Wade Belak (1976-2011)
Photo Credit: Bridget Samuels

One year ago today, Prednation and the NHL were in shock to learn of the passing of Wade Belak. With the NHL already experiencing a tragic summer of loss, the passing of Wade hit home. Wade was an intimidating presence on the ice and in the community. Words cannot rightly express how it is to remember this tragic day, but everyone can certainly remember the memories that Wade created for Predators fans everywhere. From him working a shift at Hardee’s with Cody Franson, to his contributions as a volunteer fighter, he will be remembered as someone always in high spirits and able to make everyone laugh. Most Predators fan will always remember Wade partnering with Gnash to play pranks on others in the organization with an air horn. As these positive memories flood your mind, continue to keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Big Ben considered Wade a personal friend and has many stories and memories to share about the fun times they shared together. Read his story.

Together - Wade Belak